About Lady Cakes


Lady Cakes was founded in May of 2005. The company reflects Ron and Leslie's shared belief that life is worth celebrating and sharing great food with family and friends builds community and fellowship.

Ron and Leslie began experimenting with cupcake and cookie recipes in Leslie's kitchen outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Individual orders from friends rolled in quickly, then grew into larger orders. For a Mother's Day event at church, Maki and Heather baked over 700 mini-cupcakes for 500 women. Spurred on by their early success, Ron and Leslie opened their first cupcake bakery in Tripoli in September, 2004. In addition to serving the local community, they have opened the celebration to the entire country, through nationwide shipping of their cupcakes and cookies.


Lady Cakes bakes the cupcakes and cookies fresh five days a week from scratch using the finest ingredients like sweet cream butter, artisan vanilla, fresh fruits for flavor and the finest cocoa and chocolate available. Every member of our staff is passionate about our products and service. Whether you are ordering over the phone, visiting the store to purchase cupcakes or enjoying your cupcake on the spot, the Lady Cakes team is committed to making your experience a fabulous, friendly and, most importantly, delicious one. One bite and you’ll see, ours are no ordinary cupcake or cookie.