Our Services

New patients are seen for a complete examination and necessary dental X-rays. If you have dental X-rays that are less than one year old, please bring them to your examination appointment and let the X-ray technician know that you already have X-rays. The doctor may order additional X-rays as necessary for a complete examination. Cleaning or prophylaxis is not a routine part of new patient examination. If you require cleaning, it may be possible to accommodate your needs during the examination visit. As a continuing care patient, you can schedule your cleanings directly with the dental hygienist.

Many of our patients find their teeth becoming discolored by years of drinking coffee, tea and sodas that are dark in color. The original brightness of your teeth will fade when you drink these beverages and people who smoke end up having the same problem. We at Crown Dental can provide you with a solution in just an hour’s time, changing your smile from dull and lifeless looking into one positively gleaming with radiance.